March 24, 2015


I was able to interview Maria Licari, an amazing makeup artist who did the makeup for Robert Schwentke and his family for the Insurgent NYC Premiere! Check her out here.

I, knowing nothing about makeup, so this interview taught me a lot and was extremely interesting! Hope you all like it.

Question 1: What inspired you to become a hair and makeup artist? 
ML: I loved playing with hair and makeup since I was a little girl. I would get pure joy out of making people look and feel beautiful. Even if at 6 years old it was not my best work, my family would act as if they absolutely loved it. Their reaction thrilled me and I knew instantly that I could do this for the rest of my life. 

Question 2: For those of us who don’t know much about hair and makeup, could you explain the process of doing makeup on males for premieres? 
ML: We call it men's grooming. That includes cutting/trimming/styling their hair as well as neatening up any facial hair and eyebrows. Followed by mositurizer to brighten and smooth the skin, I also like to conceal any dark under eye circles and/or blemishes on the skin. Lastly a touch of powder to remove shine and a dab of bronzer to give a healthy skin glow. 

Question 3: What is your favorite part of being a hair and makeup artist? 
ML: I have 2 favorite parts. I love that I get to be creative and artsy as I am an artist at heart. Also, I love that I get to build such great relationships with my clients. They trust me with their appearance and we bond over deep conversations during the process. 

Question 4: Do you have any advice for aspiring hair and makeup artists? 
ML: My best advice is to always continue to work hard no matter how far you've come, stay fresh and up to date with new trends, build relationships with as many people in the industry and always leave your clients with a positive memory of you. They will never forget how great you made them feel and they'll come back for more. 

Question 5: If you weren’t a hair and makeup artist what would you be?
ML: Thats a hard question considering I am so happy and passionate about what I do. I would most likely be anything that involves making people feel great. I have always been a people pleaser. I would be a "life motivator" if that is at all considered a career. Lol 

Question 6: Has there been anyone who has inspired you throughout your career?
ML: Yes, Mark Townsend! He is my mentor, extremely talented celebrity hairstylist, and a great friend of mine. Not only has he inspired me to grow as an artist, he also taught me alot of what I need to know to survive in this industry. Not to mention for someone who has had such incredible opportunities, he is the most humble and genuine person I know. 

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