June 3, 2015

It's the journey, not the destination. How I like my ships to end up together.

I am part of a discussion challenge this year, hosted by It Starts at Midnight and Feed Your Fiction Addiction. I haven't  had much time to upload anything to my blog lately due to school and dance but I'm trying to be more active and queue more posts. So here I go with a discussion post. 

Where I got this idea:

A while ago I was reading a second book in a series and my ship was together and everything was working out for them, and I found I felt very bored with them and the entire book as a whole at that point. This ship were previously each others "enemies" since practically Kindergarten and I missed the dynamic they had in the previous book, with their constant taunts and rivalry. That was what made me really love the ship in the beginning and without it I was just not enjoying the book. Then, something happened and they had to break up. Now even though they didn't resort back to their previous ways all of the sudden the book got so much better for me. 

What I started thinking:

I like it when my ships struggle. I like when they start out hating each other, but slowly all their hate filled comments are backed with TONS of sexual tension. It really adds to the story for me. Of course, there are exceptions to this, like a half dead ship, or when a ship is in danger of sinking for good. But, when angst is a plot device, or its totally a slow burn sort of thing, I eat it up. I know many people really don't want anything bad to ever happen to their ships, and hope for smooth sailing, but for me when an author decides to add in that angst or suffering or separation I get so much more into the book. 

I'd love to know how everyone else prefers for authors to handle their ships. Do you want everything to work out for them in the end, even if that means suffering in the middle? Or do you prefer your ships to get together and stay together?

Thanks for reading!


  1. YES! I so agree with this one! Sexual tension gives me so much enjoyment in a book - my perfect ship won't end up together until the last few chapters, and it better be preceded by a ton of banter and wittiness and flirting. Angst... sometimes I don't like that, because it seems like it's angst for the sake of angst, but if it's well placed, then I'm all for it!


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