August 16, 2015

Meeting Authors!

I've always wanted to do signing recaps, but I was either too swamped with schoolwork or too lazy (oops...) so I decided to compile some pictures and add little captions about each signing.
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My first book signing( Marie Lu and Alex London) ! I was so excited to meet them, and so nervous, but they were so nice! Also, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs were standing at the back at this signing, and I was right behind them, breathing the same air as them (ha ha), and  having a freakout. I didn't want to say anything to them because Marie and Alex were talking and Tahereh and Ransom seemed like they didn't want to be noticed. But HOW COOL. I always wondered if other people at the signing noticed them there or said something to them. 

Alexandra Bracken signing here! She was so sweet, and young, and pretty, and tall!. 
Michelle Hodkin! Best signing ever. Me and my mom made friends with her Aunt and Uncle in line and they were so nice to us and so was Michelle. I almost started to cry because the Mara Dyer trilogy are my favorite books ever. PLUS, Michelle posted a selfie of us from the signing on her Instagram, and I almost died.
Rick Yancey! I found everything he had to say very interesting and he was also very funny and nice. Plus he had one of his sons there who was very cute (lololol-NGL) also, that same son followed me on twitter after the signing.
Authors I Met at Bookcon:
BookCon signings were a bit rushed due to the long lines but all the authors I met were nice enough to take pictures!
My FAVORITES Abi and Missy. I was so so exited to meet them. They are some of the most fun and energetic authors I've ever met. They were also extremely funny/silly. I can't stress enough how nice and fun they were to be around. 

Wooooo Rainbow Rowell! She was really funny and also very energetic and bubbly. They started playing music (EmeRGENCY daNCE PARTY) after I got my book signed and she goes to me "I feel like this is about to have a ton of curses in it" and then the song did, and then she said "Yep, Yep." 

So, fun(ish) story. I was on the showfloor with Brynn (Brynn's Bookshelf) and then I thought I saw the back of Alexandra Brackens head. I didn't want to stop her or say anything incase I was wrong, so we like, slowly trailed her all the way to the Penguin booth, and then when some guy stopped her to ask her to sign his Passenger ARC we asked for pics. ALEXANDRA PART 2! 


  1. You met Rick Yancey?!?! I'm so jealous of you right now! He's one of my favourite authors. He wrote a series that, without exaggerating, changed my life (I think you've heard me talk about the Monsturmologist). And you met his son? Lol. I'd LOVE to go to one of these book signings. Also, you're really pretty! :)

    Vane at Books With Chemistry

  2. Sounds like you had amazing time Samantha! :) How cool it must have been to be able to meet all these wonderful authors. Thank you for sharing your experience and these wonderful pictures with us and, as always, fantastic post! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

  3. You met such great authors! Marie Lu is so sweet, meeting her was super awesome. And nice! You met Alex twice. Always have wanted to read her books but just haven't gotten to them yet... (Oops!) Love Abi and Missy's books. Have yet to read Hunted but have been dying to ever since it came out. Rainbow Rowell is awesome as well. You two look great! Great post and thanks for the recap. :)

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!


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