October 6, 2015

Do I Sound Stupid? Discussion posts and reviews.

Have you ever stopped yourself from writing a post because you didn’t think it was good enough?

I have stopped myself from writing certain discussion posts because I thought people might find them stupid. But the more I reflected on this the more I felt I had to write a discussion post about my reluctance to write discussion posts.

I’m not the most creative person (or the most confident, for that matter), and there are so many people in the book community who are extremely creative, with graphics, fanart, blog titles, blog posts, review styles, features, and so much more. Therefore, when I come up with ideas for my own discussion posts I can't help but compare how bland they might seem in comparison to others who are writing about thought provoking topics, such as diversity.

This has kept me from publishing, and even writing, some of the posts I’ve thought up. The more I think about this, the more I realize I’m the only one holding myself back. I’m not going to do that anymore. SO WHAT if my discussion posts aren't the most eloquent or I’m not talking about the hottest or most controversial topics. I’m here because I love books and I want to talk about them. It’s okay if I do a feature called Bookish Food where its only purpose is to post pictures of food. I like food! I want to post pictures of food featured in books! I’m aware its not the most exciting or captivating feature but I enjoy it, so I’ll keep doing it. I know my reviews aren't the best and can sound very awkward, but I'm working on it! I hope one day my reviews will sound much more eloquent. It's not like anyone is giving me negative feedback, I'm the only person who's made myself feel like my posts are bad.

This also brings up the topic of truly sounding stupid. There is a line between pointless, fun posts and stupidity and ignorance. That is a line that people have crossed. Remember that YA READERS WANT THREESOMES! THREESOMES ARE IN ALMOST ALL YA NOVELS THESE DAYS! article? Yeah. That, in my opinion, crosses the line into stupidity and ignorance.

Have you ever stopped yourself from writing a post because you didn’t think it was good enough? How do you make your book reviews flow? What's the best way to get your writing to sound more eloquent? Help me out! 


  1. I totally understand how you feel and I'm sorry that causes you to post what could be an awesome post. As a blogger and someone who posts their content and thoughts out into the world, I am always questioning on whether I sound stupid, uncreative, and ugh so much more. I think the trick to getting rid of all this doubt is to really just let it go and not care what people think (which is a lot easier said than done). However, if you ever feel like what you're currently writing sound stupid, don't delete the post but rather save it for later. :)

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!

  2. For the record, I absolutely love your discussion posts Sam!

    But I completely agree. I think I do the same thing too, second-guessing myself about what I post and how I compare to other bloggers.Thanks for sharing this post and, as always, fabulous discussion! ♥

  3. I used to question my posts all the time, to the point where I would write a review and then delete it because I've seen much better worded ones, ones that explained the reviewers feelings much better than mine could ever have. These days I don't feel stupid by what I write, rather by my language. I know that as a blogger whose native language isn't English my reviews and posts might not be the most beautifully formed ones.
    Great post! :)


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