October 21, 2015

Hiatus Time!

I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this but sadly I do. I really don't have much to say here other than that I have absolutely no time to read let alone blog so theres literally no choice but for me to go on a hiatus. 
Sooo basically last year I was in 9th grade and in all honors and advanced classes and I did competition dance and track and I never had to study for my tests because everything was just so easy for me and I didn't have much homework. I had tons of free time to do whatever I wanted, even with my activities and workload. WELL, this year I'm in 10th grade, and its an entirely different story. I am in all honors and advanced classes and I'm now in science research. My school district has one of the most rigorous Science Research programs in our county so that class alone is so much work. All my other classes this year are not exactly hard but they require lots of homework and studying. On top of that I do two programs to work with the Special ed kids at my school which take place after school. On top of that I have dance for about 3 hours every night. Then I peer respond which requires me giving up my lunch period to help younger kids who are struggling in school. FINALLY, I have to get over 8 hours of sleep every night because I have a headache condition. SO, learning how to balance this all out has been extremely, extremely hard. There is not one second in my schedule that leaves room for me to blog. The only time I can check Twitter is as I walk from class to class. Thats about all the contact I've had with the book world lately. So yeah, thats whats going on. 
It's just way too much for me to try and balance all of that with blogging and reading. (Which I miss so much :() That is why I'll be taking this hiatus. I'll probably be gone until I have a school holiday.
I will still be blogging on Her Book Thoughts though!
If anyone wants to keep up with me when I'm gone, find me on insta, twitter, and TUMBLR! I love all my amazing followers (even though there aren't alot of you!) and thanks so much for reading!  

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