November 8, 2015

Whats Your Reviewing Style?

I don't have a set reviewing style &  I'm still working on fine tuning my reviewing skills. I'm a FAIRLY new blogger (I mean...I haven't been here for a year yet so I'm considering myself fairly new) so I hope as I continue to blog my reviews will improve!

I definitely find it hard to write reviews. I know for most people it probably comes naturally, but when I read I usually get so dragged into the book I don't analyze the characters or critique the plot while reading. This makes writing reviews so much harder because after I finish I'm usually just left with a single strong feeling (loved it, hated it, blown away, shocked, ect.) Now, as a blogger I have to try and slow myself down while reading to take note of character traits and other significant aspects of the book I want to discuss in my review. When I finally sit down to write the first draft of my review it takes hours, and by the end I'm usually left with a short, choppy, awkward, piece of work.(I am not good at putting my thoughts into words and I have read tons of those "How to write Book Reviews" posts which have really done nothing to help me as a reviewer.) After my first draft I try to make the review flow more (which somehow usually ends up with me making it sound worse). It's okay though because I still have quite some time to refine my reviewing skills.

I also (obviously) read lots of other bloggers reviews. Everyone honestly writes such eloquent reviews and I guess I hope by reading tons of other peoples reviews I will somehow absorb some of their skill (which clearly hasn't happened yet LOL).

I like to start writing my review as soon as I finish reading because I feel that the book, characters, and plot are fresh in my mind and I'm less likely to forget anything super important that stood out to me. If I wait to review a book my review goes even more downhill. It's even harder for me to review a book if I read multiple books after it and then review those first. My thoughts get jumbled and next thing I know I'm writing about how I loved a character who I actually hated. (Yes, this has actually happened and after I read back the paragraph I was befuddled.)

I try to review everything I read now. In the past I would only review books I loved, but now I (obviously) have to review ARCs, and I've discovered I really enjoy reviewing everything I read. (Also practice makes perfect!) I find it fun to share my thoughts after I  finish a book. Plus, I love discussing with other people and reading comments on reviews from others who've read the book (and from people who haven't)  because I like to hear everyones opinions! I will most likely have to stop reviewing everything I read once school picks up because I won't have enough time, but next summer (thats so far away omg....) I will hopefully continue reviewing everything!

Thats it! Thanks for reading this discussion post, but now:
I want to know about your reviewing styles! 

-Do you take notes while reading for reviewing?
-Do you feel that the longer you wait to review a book the more you forget the book?
-Do you review everything you read? Why or why not?
Also, if anyone has written or knows of any good posts with advice for writing reviews I would love to read them!

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