July 11, 2017

Back to Blogging

Well!!! It's been awhile (a year I think actually) but hey, I'm back!! Honestly, no one probably even noticed my little disappearance from the online world, but thats okay! I had to leave my blog (and my youtube) because I was swamped with school/life stuff and it was so so hard to establish a worthy online presence. Also, I was broke.Since then, I've gotten a job, survived junior year, passed my road test, and am finally ready to come back. 
I love to talk, I have a lot of thoughts in my head, and I figured theres no better place to share them then on my blog. When I first joined the online book community I felt that I had to adhere to strict guidelines. My reviews had to have perfect formatting, I had to have a beautiful theme, my grammar needed to be flawless, my opinions had to align with the rest of the community, I thoughts say my true feelings, I could only talk about books. I was clearly a naive and confused teen (well, hey, I still am, but I'd like to think im growing), but IM READY NOW. Ready to be myself. 
Throughout this past year I've learned that I have to be wholly and unapologetically myself at all times. Sometimes, it wont be what people expected, and maybe it won't be what people like, but when you are true to who you are the people who really love you love you for that person, not anyone you pretend to be. So yeah, I've learned a lot, and overall have truly just been having a great time and living my life. I hope everyone sticks around with me, but if you dont, thats cool too. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT NEW THINGS ARE TO COME. My first step is finding a new theme which fits me and then I'll go from there.