August 13, 2017

How to make a Book Blog

Okay, I certainly am not some super established book blogger or anything, but I first hand know how hard it is to join the community and establish yourself. I've had my blog for almost 3 years now (lol...what the heck) so I figured I'd share some advice on starting a book blog!! 

To Start: 
First, I'll cover the most basic obvious steps of setting up a blog. 
1) Come up with a name. Literally, it can be anything. Don't let it stress you out. For picking my name I just googled "adjectives" and kept trying different adjectives in conjunction with words like books/reading/read until I found a combination I liked. (@rebelbooks and Literary Lover) 
2) Establish yourself on your platform of choice. Whether it be Blogger, WordPress, Instagram, or Youtube, get yourself out there with your username.
3) Set up other social media with your new name. I found it really beneficial to have a Goodreads account and Twitter. Of course, setting up these accounts all in the same username can be somewhat impossible at times, so don't fret about it, but if you can its always helpful! 
4) Make sure you aren't just setting up a blog for "free books." I promise this will not get you anywhere. You won't be having fun, blogging will feel like a chore, just don't do it okay? 

Now you're all set up...but then what?
1) GET INVOLVED. Sometimes the book community can seem very tight knit and it can be hard to find your place, but joining in events like Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, twitter chats, Read-a-longs, and other community wide activities are a great way to meet people and really "immerse" yourself. 
2) Tweet at people. Looking for new people to talk to? Find some accounts that you think have similar interests to you and follow them. If they put out tweets that you want to reply to, just start talking to them. Most people are super friendly and will answer your replies.
3) Don't get discouraged (by bigger bloggers or anyone). It's inevitable. You'll see someone with a ton of twitter followers, a huge blog following, someone who gets ALL OF THE ARCS all of the time, and you might feel like "lol i could never do that i should just give up" BUT, YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE UP. Keep blogging. It's not about the number, it's about you and your goals and your enjoyment!
4) Take breaks (if you need. You don't need to be some super blogger who posts 9832 times a week and who takes part in EVERYTHING. Do what you want to do, and take breaks when you want to. No one is going to judge you for simply doing your own thing.
5) Do what you want. Seriously. It's your blog, post what you want, talk about what YOU want. Don't be afraid to share opinions, even though some people may not always be as understanding and as accepting as you would like, just stay away from those people! Involve yourself in circles where you feel free to share your thoughts without fear!

The more logistical stuff
1) If you want a nice theme, you don't need to spend tons of money on a custom one. Check out Etsy shops for really affordable and nice themes by simply looking up "blogger themes". Googling "Free blogger themes" will also bring up a ton of theme options.
2) Join NetGalley and Edelweiss to stay on the lookout for new releases and request eARCS
3) Promote your blog through Twitter/Instagram whatever you think will help you, just try and put yourself out there as much as possible. Tweet links to your posts!
4) I definitely recommend making sure you have social media icons on your blog.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! I know joining the blogging community can seem hard and daunting at first, but it's as easy as signing up for blogger and publishing posts! You don't need to have the fanciest theme or the most cutting edge content or the most ARC reviews to be successful!!

If anyone wants to comment their advice for new bloggers below feel free to! 

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  1. Great advice and I totally agree with a lot of things. Being a book blogger doesn't mean we just set our blog and done, we have to interact with other bloggers too because heyyy we all here love books and we're super nice people haha! It's very rare I saw "snobby" big bloggers, they are 99% very nice! Lovely layout btw <3

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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